"Providing process, analysis and evaluation to upstream decision makers"
Offering a unique combination of petroleum geology, business analysis and process experience to characterise E&P opportunities from different angles.
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More than 30 years of technical, management and consulting experience in international upstream oil & gas.
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Dieter Strack
International Oil and Gas Consultant

+49 (0)2102 39254

Broad spectrum of client projects since 2002, including upstream strategy reviews, exploration performance assessments and quick-look E&P opportunity screening.
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dieter strack
international oil and gas consultant
Providing process, analysis and evaluation support to new ventures, business development and exploration teams that are pursuing strategic E&P business opportunities with long-term growth potential. 
Long experience in quick-look screening of worldwide E&P opportunities against key geological, technical, commercial and strategic benchmarks.
Ability to judge new developments in a global context and to identify critical business drivers early in the evaluation process. This helps to ensure that resource-intensive due diligence work will focus on the right questions.
Development of cost-effective, tailor-made screening & ranking processes that complement or go beyond standard contractor products.
Ideally operating as an integrated member of client teams seeking to stimulate fresh thinking and to ensure full knowledge transfer by mentoring and coaching.
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New Ventures Specialist, Upstream Oil & Gas
Key Expertise
High-throughput E&P Opportunity Screening
Upstream Strategy Reviews
Exploration Performance Analysis
Petroleum Geological Basin and HC Play Assessments
Looking at E&P opportunities from different angles...